Thursday, May 11, 2017

Check out these photo eBooks of Heather:

Available for Amazon Kindle Fire®, Apple iPad®, Android devices, and Mac or PC computers. You can get kindle for your pc from amazon, if needed. It's free and works great! (see some sample screenshots below). Also, Heather gets 100% of the sale price from any purchase you make here.

Heather is at heart a country girl, having grown up in a semi-rural community in upstate New York. She spent a substantial portion of her childhood wandering her grandfather's farm in Pennsylvania, and most of her fondest memories from her youth are firmly rooted there. Now she lives in a rural area of the great state of Maine with her husband/photographer, and wouldn't trade her locale for anything. 

A sample eBook page from "Lady Heather: ONE WITH NATURE" as viewed on an iPad.
Heather has an interesting ethnic makeup. Part of her lineage can be traced back to Pocahontas, in fact, which certainly explains some of her natural beauty! She writes, however, that "I am half Italian, and my Italian features and characteristics reveal themselves in fairly obvious ways. My other half is a lively combination of Scottish, English, Native American [thank you, Pocahontas], and who knows what else!" Whatever her ancestry, it has all combined to create a perfect storm of beauty with the uniqueness that is Heather. She adds, "I have often been described as 'the girl next door,' which captures one of the things people find most appealing about me--that I am 'a real woman.' I'm honored, and often a bit bemused, by all the kind things said about me." 

Sample PC/laptop screenshot from "Heather H2OMG!!" using Amazon's free kindle for your pc
Some quotes from her admirers: Very few women can portray beauty, sensuality, class and all the while be so wonderfully adorable. || She is SO sensual! || She has a rare desirability. || Her face is so tender. || She is a wonderful, sensual, soft, delicate thing of beauty. || She has a look that enters the soul of the beholder. || She has beautiful, magnetic eyes that speak volumes. || She is radiant & sultry, and perfectly expresses sensual feelings and emotions. || I have lived and worked all over the world and seen a lot of gorgeous women, but I have found none more sexy and alluring!

Heather gets 100% of the profits from the eBook sales, and that money helps us to be able to afford new outfits for her to model, as well as traveling to--and staying at--nice locations for new photo shoots ... so, we just want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased at least one of them. :) It makes a big difference for us, in many ways! :)

Sample PC/laptop screenshot from "The Essence of Heather (Vol 1)" using Amazon's free kindle for your pc
Sample PC/laptop screenshot from "Heather's Summer Getaways" using Amazon's kindle for your pc
Sample PC/laptop screenshot from "Christmas at a Castle" using Amazon's free kindle for your pc
Sample PC/laptop screenshot from "Lady of the Lake" using Amazon's free kindle for your pc
Sample PC/laptop screenshot from the pdf of
"Lady Heather: A Woman For All Seasons"
Sample PC/laptop screenshot from the pdf of
"Lady Heather: A Woman For All Seasons"


  1. very nice to see all those glorious ebooks together, containing your photographic work and your beautiful model. hope many more are to come yet :D

  2. We have all the books on our tables around the living room. Everyone who comes to visit spends some time flipping through them and exclaiming over the wonderful images. They all comment on Heahter's natural beauty and on how the images reflect the connection between the artist and the model. Each book is a work of art in its own right as is each image in each book. Thank you for allowing us to share in your photographic adventures. Lin

    1. Thanks so very much! You are such a precious fan -- we wish we could clone you!! ~Charlie and Heather XOXO

  3. I bought all your ebooks and I am never tired to look at them. A Hymn to the Beauty. Thank you